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Interactive Flat Panel Display ODM/OEM for Education

Masstouch Interactive flat panel is available for uploading any software Apps for Education and online for delivering dynamic lessons.

  • Androids 5.1  2G/32G
  • OPS with i3/i5/i7 Option Win10

Interactive Flat Panel Display ODM/OEM for Collaboration

Masstouch Interactive Flat Panel is a centerpiece for office collaboration. It improves teamwork efficiently.

  • Androids/Win10 Option
  • Screen Share Wirelessly
  • Digital Whiteboard
  • Annotation
  • Video Conference

Touch Monitor ODM/OEM for Business

Masstouch Touch Monitor is available for usage as big format touch display. It enables to build own application for a specific use and good solution for your customization.

  • 60 Point Touch Monitor
  • Fit to Build Specific Use

Touch Screen AIO(All In One)

With module plug-in CPU system solution, Android and Windows system are optional.

  • 43"-86"
  • 4k UHD
  • 60 Points Capacitive Touch
  • Android/Win Option
  • Install any software

Why Capacitive Touch Screen?

Mainstream Technology in interactive flat panel

Capacitive Interactive Flat Panel would be the most popular display in big-format touch screen panel.

Accurate Sensitivity

Capacitive Interactive Flat Panel Display has high accurate & sensitive user experience with 60 point touch simultaneously. 

Ultra-long lasting & durable life

Capacitive Interactive Flat Panel Display has over 50 million touches life in one location.

Full flat panel apperance

Capacitive Touch Screen has very fashionable appearance of full flat panel with ultra-thin of 19mm at the edge.

Why US?

10 years technology accumulation

Masstouch R&D team has many years of working experience in capacitive touch display.

Leading Tech. in Large-format capacitive flat panel

Masstouch has leading technology in production of big format capacitive touch display.

3 million Mass production experience

We have much experience in mass production and already produced more than 3 million capacitive touch display to our customers.

Cooperated with World Top 500 enterprises

We had already cooperated with many famous companies and our products were sold to many oversea countries.

Be a trusted partner

Leading Product

Continue to innovate
Good value for money
Do what customers need

Reliable Quality

Craftsman's spirit
Scientific system
Pursuit of excellence

Excellent Service

Pay more attention to every cooperation
Flexible production for urgent order
Service beyond customers' expectations

Competitive Price

Always commit competitive price
Help customers to win their competitors
More profit margins for customers

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